Separ Plastik was founded in 2002 in Bayrampasa-Istanbul as a workshop producing thermoform packaging products. With increasing production rates, Separ Plastik has moved to it’s current place with 8000 m2 closed area in Istanbul-Esenyurt. As Separ Plastik, we are a thermoform plastics factory producing Polistyrene sheets (PS Sheet) , Polystyrene rolls (PS Rolls), PP sheets (Polypropilene sheets), PP rolls (Polypropilene rolls) and ABS sheets and thermoform products including packaging separators, transport trays, PP and PS food containers, PP and PS plates. Our Polistyrene sheets/rolls and Polypropilene sheets/rolls are used mainly in packaging business by thermoform and food companies. Separ Plastik food containers are used mainly by catering companies and restaurants. With our Customer-oriented production concept based on reliability and long term cooperation focus, Separ Plastik is at your service for your plastic sheet, plastic rolls and plastic food container requirements.

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